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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:Operator value proposition Aug2017

Title DigI:Operator_value_proposition_Aug2017
Place https://www.gotomeeting.com/join/231817461
Date, Time 2017/08/11, 1000-1100
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Christine Holst, Erwan Le Quentrec, Felix Sukums, Maurice Isabwe, Finn Helge Tolpinrud
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Topics discussed

  • Which partners should we include (alliance, partnership)
  • What is the value for the villages
  • How to collect questions/concern from/of operators
  • What kind of digital services to we look for
  • What is the value for operators
  • Which operators to address
  • Plans for initial site survey/assessment


  • Felix takes the lead in creating the "Terms of References", and will ask Maurice and Josef for help
  • Follow-up meeting 24Aug2017 at 1230-1400h local Paris time, see DigI:SiteSurvey_TZ_Aug2017

Notes from Meeting 10Aug2017 on Digital Health

Notes from Meeting 10 Aug 2017 on Digital Health Intervention

  • Suggestion from the TZ team (IT: Felix, Human health: Bernard & Elibariki, OneHealth: Helena)
  • Dedicated visit to the villages
  • Focus in Phase A (3 villages): Selela (Anthrax, TBc, HIV), Izazi, Mtera (Cystocercosis, TBc, HIV)
  • Aligned with One Health approach, having a combined approach
  • for each disease, get a catalogue of a) official information, b) other information/games, ...
  • Comment by Josef: focus on Transformation towards Digital Societies
  • Morogoro report to be presented during Inception Meeting


Value for villages

  • whom to contact and involve
  • health workers, volunteers (youth leaders, business, mini jobbs), digital champions
  • business: charge phone, repair phones, sell vouchers for Internet access, sell smart phones,...
  • help in where to put the equipment,

Goal: getting them in having ownership of the project


  • UCSAF - able to join the project?
  • villages
  • scale up: hot-spots, health services, education (schools), digital marketplace
  • other teams, like TeleCentres
    • learning from the past: focus on infrastructure failed, “no impact”
    • new: services for the community, digital literacy,
    • from digital health to digital societies

For info: The Role of Telecentres in Tanzania’s Rural Development. The case of Sengerema District: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=

How to collect questions/concern from/of operators

  • Felix to report from meetings with Telecom operators,
  • services: health information
  • target population: targeting normal people
  • means of deliver: tablets at dedicated health spots (where to place?) and, open the to the public, using personal smart phones
  • through web page and apps (also available in other areas)
  • installation: typical tower, range up to 7 km with Wifi, set up health spots - preferably by operators
  • maintenance - preferably by operators or volunteers
  • help in literacy (volunteers)
  • regulatory aspects, see DigI:Sustainable_business_model

What kind of digital services to we look for

  • local village information on a “village server”, aims at becoming a digital market place, described through the basic Architecture in BasicInternet:Projects

What can people expect

  • connect to wifi, get intro page “main focus health”, secondary area other things of interest “games”
  • people may bring their own device (BYOD) to get free connectivity to information, and paid access to commercial services
  • Information is centred around health information, but can be extended towards educational information
  • social media (not sure of how to create health social media?)
  • how many centres, how to reach the people (depends on the villages, covering from a tower up to 7 km in range for Wifi health/hot-spots)
  • volunteers for health workers, tablets are a possibility for digital literacy
  • see: DigI:Sustainable_business_model

What is the value for operators

it's all about preparing the market and gaining market share. The more people are using the health services, the more they get used to digital services, and the more they will convert to paid services.

  • business model based on free access to information (2-3% of bandwidth), and paid access to commercial services (>97% of bandwidth), thus good business opportunity for operators
  • Digital Literacy: from digital health to digital inclusion
  • Acquisition of customers: free access to information will trigger need for commercial services
  • Visibility: part of global alliance, and our other partners

Which operators to address

  • all operators on the ground, and those interested to establish a country-wide collaboration
  • No expectation of quick wins, but an excellent opportunity for growth

Core issue (1) Social responsibility, and (2) growth opportunities and uptake

  • Social responsibility, e.g. Vodacom foundation
  • others operators supporting secondary school,

Plans for initial site survey/assessment

Make a plan for

  • technical site survey (eventually hire from some operators), based on terms of references
  • who are the people in the villages to involve
  • what is the entry to make villages interested
  • opportunities for jobbs
  • contacts with operators

After first visit, create

  • whom to get as partners for the development of the village
  • who could be potential partners/volunteers in the village
  • plans for negotiations with TelCos

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