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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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TI2.1 Health Application

Task Title Health Application development
Lead partner FCI
Contributors BasicInternet, UiO, FCI, SUA, NIMR, MOH
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This task will establish the apps for health information

  • information pages, apps

Deliverables in TI2.1 Health Application

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Expected outcome

Year 1:

  • Web page - Health topics (M06)
  • 4 health apps, translation from Web pages (M12)

Web page - Health topics

We have started with a demo for "Africa at Kjeller, showing how people go into the health spot in TZ and look at the device, and then test some apps.

What I would like to see in addition is a Web page, visualising the fields of work.

a) our four areas
b) the videos from Global health Media (being locally on the tablet)
c) other links (here we can add some more fields of interest), basically what we are going to white list as "open access", e.g. the pages from the Ministry of Health

The draft of the information page is at http://digi.futurecompetence.net

App development

See the details description on how to develop an app: App_development_process

Having done the brainstorming, Jan recommends to use Axure RP 8 for prototyping. As University can ask for a free Teacher license, see DigI:AI-004


A difficult topic. I don't know which interactivity Helena and Bernard want (or expect). I would open for a kind of chat (whatsapp group? or another chat without video?)

Draft - sketch of apps



White list of apps

Our goal is to provide free access to information through the InfoInternet standard. The InfoInternet standard includes text and pictures, in addition to local videos. An example of a browser supporting the standard is Opera Mini, providing server-side compression of web pages into text and pictures. As long as we don't have a tool for analysing apps and web pages, we need to use white listing of Web pages.

White listed Web pages/Apps

  • google.com % search engine
  • play.google.com %for app download such as Opera Mini
  • NEW: itunes.apple.com/pl/app  % App-store for download of Opera Mini
  • its-wiki.no % home wiki of DigI and other sites
  • wikipedia.org

SDG and public information

  • BasicInternet.no,
  • BasicInternet.org
  • sustainabledevelopment.un.org % SDG 2030

Health related sites

  • ministry of health in TZ
  • global health media % and all other links on digi.futurecompetence.net

other projects with health info

thanks for Felix:
Please find details of Safe Delivery App and its implementation (RCT) in Ethiopia. May be we can develop app (s) for the target disease e.g. HIV/TB screening, or other diseases for health workers or self-screening app plus education materials for the rural communities. In most cases this requires already approved/existing guidelines to be converted into an app or digital health promotion materials http://www.maternity.dk/about-the-app/what-is-the-app/

We can also learn/use their experience on the RCT here http://www.maternity.dk/case/randomized-controlled-trial-in-ethiopia/

Vicious worm
Helena was part of the team having developed the app for Android

% please add what you find appropriate