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TT1.1 One Health Awareness

Task Title Awareness on One Health
Lead partner MinHealth
Contributors UIO, SUA, FCI, NIMR, MinHealth
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To increase awareness on One Health to 80% of at risk population from identified priority zoonotic diseases areas at all levels, by June, 2020

  • Developing and operationalizing One Health Communication and Advocacy Strategy
  • a) Prepare communication and Advocacy Strategy document
  • b) Disseminate communication and Advocacy strategy through workshops, seminar, etc.

Deliverables in TT1.1 One Health Awareness

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Detailed Description

The implementation of One Health in Tanzania is based upon recognition of the intimate linkages among the human, animal and ecosystem health domains. It proposes an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral approach to disease surveillance, monitoring, prevention, control and mitigation of endemic and emerging diseases. In this intervention therefore, the diseases to be addressed are HIV, Bovine Tuberculosis, Cysticercosis and Anthrax

The overall objective of this project will be: To increase awareness on One Health to 80% of at risk population from identified priority zoonotic diseases areas at all levels, by June, 2020. Specifically, will be to produce the customized content for the health messages and to make a plan for rolling out the HIV and One Health messages in Kainam, Sanu and Yaeda chini villages in Mbulu District, Manyara region and Selela village of Monduli District in Arusha region, both of Northern Tanzania.


The Social Mobilization and Psychosocial Support for behavior change is critical for prevention of morbidity and mortality of the targeted public health threats. This can be done by producing and disseminating health messages in the audio or visual formats i.e. leaflets, brochures, radio/TV spots, etc. that provide information to the target population. Prepared health messages can address mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, prevention of getting infection, health seeking behavior and how to get treatment of a particular disease.

Therefore, the use of mobile phone technology will help to disseminate the intended health messages to the target population. However, early, proactive communication of a present or potential health risk is important in alerting the people at risk and minimizing the disease threat. The United Republic of Tanzania has endorsed the One Health Strategic Plan (OHSP) 2015 – 2020 and therefore, we are in the opinion that, the implementation of this work package should fall under the thematic area of training, advocacy and communication as stipulated in table.1 below.