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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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TT1.2 Sensitization on One Health

Task Title Sensitization on One Health through Apps and digital Content
Lead partner MinHealth
Contributors UIO, SUA, FCI, NIMR, MinHealth
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This task will create the sensitization material, especially focussing on digital content

  • develop awareness and dissemination plan plan
  • develop specifications for apps and content
  • conduct meetings with groups performing the activities in the villages
  • establish the envisioned goal for health in the villages

Deliverables in TT1.2 Sensitization on One Health

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Action point 1: Development of two health messages for the first pilot study – app content

  • Health message 1: One-Health general (from existing /scratch). The team will look into and adopt the existing general health messages within the One-Health field, and produce a one-page with Q&As on i.e why we are concerned about animal health // community livelihood //human health.
  • Health message 2: HIV (existing and approved (MoH) message (paper format) – Bernard will share the messages with a group as soon as possible.
  • Reshape HIV messages and change them into APP format
  • The second set of health messages will be to share the available or develop messages (if not available) for bTB, epilepsy/Cysticercosis and Anthrax for the second phase of the project

Furter activities

  • Decide on video spots for dissemination of the project through various channels…for feasibility study (pilot) of the project
  • Messages to be translated into the Tanzanian Swahili for easy communication with the local communities in the selected villages…. (If Swahili is not spoken at all. See the need of translating the messages to the local vernacular language in order to achieve the intended objective)

Current discussions

After approving villages, I think our next discussions will be on the following:

1. What do we want to achieve? e.g. Awareness of the disease, Knowledge about the disease, Health-related decisions or behaviors
2. How do we intend to disseminate the educational materials/health promotional information to health care providers and community members. For instance
a. Sending SMS to community members - they can subscribe and we push messages
b. Mobile apps - only those who have smartphones can subscribe/download mobile app? share electronic educational materials via social media?
c. Information kiosk - TV displays in public places e.g health facilities
3. What data to be collected and How do we want to collect baseline data, monitoring and evaluation data? Using electronic data capture tools/mobile apps