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The Information Internet (InfoInternet) is the concept of an open Wifi network, providing a free access to text and pictures as bearers of information. The InfoInternet can also be used for IoT devices to connect to and be integrated into a home network, see Masterthesis on Device Integration into the Home Network.

The concept of InfoInternet is based on free access to information (i.e. text and pictures), and paid access to amusement (i.e. video, gaming, other streaming). InfoInternet is a way of reaching the people at the bottom of the pyramid, and ensure inclusion in the digital society.

Targeting customers who have less than 1 US$/month for communication services, the provision of InfoInternet is complementary to mobile operators, focussing on customers with higher ability to pay.

Free walk on the Internet through the InfoInternet

Examples of the InfoInternet are the implementation made by the Basic Internet Foundation

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