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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:Consortium Nov.2017

Title IoTSec: Consortium Nov.2017
Place Halden eSmart Systems
Date, Time 2017/11/20, 1000-1200
Contact Person Manish Shrestha
Participants Cristian
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Participants Registration


20 November
Lunch will be served at 12:00 – Tapas
Mini-bus to Hotell Fredriksten – 17:00 from Remmen
Free taxi to train station: Mini-bus marked «HiØ Kunnskapsparken – Halden stasjon»
from Remmen at 14:50 for the 15:10 train
from Remmen at 15:50 for the 16:05 train
from Remmen at 16:50 for the 17:03 train
Dinner at Fredriksten Hotell – 18:30
21 November
Mini-bus to Remmen Kunnskapspark – 08:30 from Hotel
Lunch will be served at 12:00 – Wraps (possible take-away)
Free taxi to train station (as above)

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of the meeting are in IoTAdmin:20171120MeetingHalden_Notes

27September2016, NCE Smart, Halden

please upload your presentations to owncloud

10:00 Welcome & Introductions (Heidi, Josef)
10:10 Table round, input to Agenda
10:30 Action Items (see end of page)

Presentations and Discussions (max. 30min + 10min)

11:00 DSO Infrastructures (Håkon)
11:40 Coffee-break
12:00 Security Challenges for Smart Grids (György Kálmán)
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Flow of Information in Smart Grids (Josh)
14:40 IoT Hacking (Kim), XOR Example, "SiriProxy" and HUE, Perpetual Blackouts
15:10 Coffee-break
15:30 Smart Grid Security Centre session
Intro by WP4 and plan for the session, Smart Grid Security Centre outline (.pdf), Reporting Template SGSC (.pptx)
Short presentations from the other WPs focused on SGSC (10min)
NR suggestions to SGSC (Åsmund)
NTNU i Gjovik suggestions to SGSC (Adam)
UiO/UNIK suggestions to SGSC (Christian)
Discussions and Planning for SGSC
17:00 Finished
18:30 Dinner at Fredriksten Hotell (bill included in hotel for those who participate)

Industrial Session "Security in infrastructure and services in Smart Grid"

Date: 28 Sep2016
Venue: NCE Smart, Halden
The venue is open for public participation

Topics of the discussions:

  • "What is a smart grid?" (different views in the society)
  • Which kind of security challenges do we have in the grid distribution?
  • Addressing security and privacy in services for smart grids

Industrial session, Please join us by | Skype if you can't come to Halden

09:00 Welcome (Heidi)
09:30 "Regulations for novel services related to Internet of Things" (Atle Årnes, Datatilsynet)
10:00 Discussions on security/privacy
10:40 Coffee-break
10:50 "Privacy: bridging the gap between regulations and technical solutions" (Thibaud Antignac, Chalmers)
11:15 Discussion on privacy approaches for Smart Grids
11:40 Lunch
12:30 Input from Partners for the Smart Grid Security Centre (3 services...)
Trust, novel services, high-frequency reading services, ....
13:05 Closing of the meeting. Summarizing Action Items and key-points
Status of deliverables
Recommendation towards the research council
Topics for Steering board meeting
work meeting WP1, WP2, WP3
Progress plan SGSC
Preparation Y1 review
14:00 End of meeting

Other Ideas/Follow up

Finalising the project report (1Oct2016)

Steering board meeting (suggestion from Stian)

  • Discussion of sensitive information
  • Time-line for SGSC (Smart-Grid Security Centre)

Action Items

Open Action Items in IoTSec

List of open ActionItems related to project xxx

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