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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:IoTSec Consortium f2f meeting summer

Title IoTSec Consortium f2f meeting summer
Place Norwegian Computing Center, Gaustadalléen 23A, 0373 Oslo, Norway
Date, Time 2018/06/06, 1000-1600
Contact Person Habtamu Abie
Participants Christian Johansen
related to Project IoTSec
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Meeting room Spiseriet (2nd floor NR Cafeteria)
How to get to NR:
Contact Habtamu Office: 22 85 25 95, Mobile: 473 53 570
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Agenda and Minutes

Focus in this Face to Face meeting of IoTSec is on monitoring the security in both the Smart Grid and the Smart Home, with a specific focus on the use of the HAN port for future services.

10:00 Welcome and Plan of the day (Habtamu)
10:10 Table Round
10:30 ActionItems
10:45 Janusz Górski from Gdansk University of Technology on
The NOR-STA tool suite: applications and demonstration
11:15 Workshop on Possible Uses of NOR-STA for Smart Grids
11:30 Lunch
12:30 HAN port capabilities for novel services, Bjørn Svendsen (E2U Systems)
13:00 Discussion: HAN port security
13:30 Service opportunities from HAN port, Manish Shrestha (eSmart Systems & UiO)
13:50 Privacy & Security Classes in the Smart Grid and the Smart Home, deploying HAN measures
14:30 Presentations from Project Partners
16:00 End of Meeting
17:00h dinner (organised by Christian)

In preparation for the discussion, please see the workshop notes from a Cloud Certification in NL, SCOTT:IoT-Cloud_Certification_Apr2018 and the presentations on Security Classes, as well as Privacy Labelling

Minutes of the meeting IoTAdmin:20180606MeetingNR_Notes

IoTSec future topics

  • Build the argumentation for the SGSC (Rune follow-on)
  • Future Presentations and discussions on Security Classes, Measurable Security, Privacy Label
  • Creating the Security Assessment Methodology for the AMS based on a) White Paper and b) Security Classes
  • Habtamu ...
  • CEO profiling and HMSS (helse, miljø og sikkerhet - safety and security)
  • Extending the reach:
    • ask for topics of interest from NVE, ...
    • topics on NCE Smart workshops, e.g. Invade event
    • collaboration with EU projects (Invade, SCOTT, ....)
  • Applying safety methodology (SIL..) to security

Action Items