SCOTT:Consortium Meeting Cork Oct2018


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Consortium Meeting Cork Oct2018
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SCOTT:Consortium Meeting Cork Oct2018

Title SCOTT:Consortium Meeting Cork Oct2018
Place Cork (Ireland)
Date, Time 2018/10/16, -18Oct2018
Contact Person n.n.
Participants Josef.Noll, Christian Johansen, Johanna Johansen
related to Project SCOTT
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SCOTT F2F event with 70-90 participants.

On the Agenda

  • Comments to Reviewers // Strategic Impact for SCOTT
  • Session on demonstrators

Proposed workshops from UiO and Movation

WP22 workshop on Technology lines

Topics of discussion:

  • Security & Safety (WP23)
  • Distributed Cloud Integration (WP24)
  • Autonomy of Devices/Energy Efficiency of WSN (WP25)
  • Reference Architecture/Implementation (WP26)

Privacy Labelling workshop

The workshop will work on identifying ways to apply the privacy labelling methodology into the different Use Cases of SCOTT.

Participants will discuss (guided by the UiO moderator) about:

  • concepts relevant for privacy and how these could be measured.
  • which concepts apply to their use case.
  • we try to identify special needs/concepts from the use cases that have not been already included in the methodology.

SCOTT Security Discussions

  • 5G - ultra-low latency and security
  • privacy labels


  • Security and Safety: control systems are cross domain, old concepts are not working any longer
  • Privacy Labels: excellent opportunity, but difficult to measure - need to be implemented in specific domains
  • 5G for industrial applications: identified novel application scenarios for 5G, and principles for industrial 5G roll-out

Agenda 16Oct2018

Agenda 17Oct2018

Agenda 18Oct2018

Open Action Items