SCOTT:Consortium Meeting Tromsø May2018


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Consortium Meeting Tromsø May2018
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SCOTT:Consortium Meeting Tromsø May2018

Title SCOTT:Consortium Meeting Tromsø May2018
Place -25May2018, Tromsø
Date, Time 2018/05/23, -25May2018
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll
related to Project SCOTT
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SCOTT event with 70-90 participants. Many of them have their own booking system (travel agent), thus I would suggest:

  • meeting facilities 70-90 participants
  • block reservation for 50 participants (first come first serve)

Current state of booking

  • We have an option of 50 rooms bb 2 nts may 23-25 at scandic Ishavshotel
  • Fishing boat cost and availability, neither its capacity has yet arrived, I am waiting.
  • I included cable car sighseeing with transfers
  • I divided the cost into many options, if full package, if 1 night package, if only ground services without onernights ecc
  • link for registration?

Agenda 23-25May2018

Agenda 23May2018

09:00, 10:00, 11:00h Start of Meeting(?)

Agenda 24May2018

16:00 end of meeting, walk to fishing
17:00 Fishing trip (3 h), boat leaves 17h sharp
21:00 Conference Dinner (with your own fish): no fish, no dinner

Agenda 25May2018

  • keynote: F-Secure
  • Technical session: Secure wireless -industrial - Geir Arne Rimala
    • from Google Chromecast to IoT DOS attack
    • more secure IoT in 2025

Open Action Items