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Title SCOTT:SCOTT-NO January 2018
Place Department of Informatics (Ifi), Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo, 5th floor, 5370
Date, Time 2018/06/07, 09-14:30
Contact Person Toktam Ramezanifarkhani
Participants Øivind Berg, Do van Thuan, Josef Noll, Christian Johansen, Toktam Ramezanifarkhani, Heidi Tuiskula, Maghsoud Morshedi, Bruno Dzogovic, Hamed Arshad, Elahe Fazeldelkordi, Boning Feng
related to Project SCOTT
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Meeting takes place at Department of Informatics (Ifi), Gaustadalléen 23B, 0373 Oslo, 9th floor(?),

  • Take Metro to "Forskningsparken", follow the foot-path to the big black tower
  • take lift D (closest to the road) up to 9th floor




10:00 Welcome - table round
10:10 Status Contract (Josef)
10:20 Status Work Packages - an update since our last meeting in Halden
what are the real contributions, what do you want to do
11:00 Status Demonstrations
11:30 Status BBs, how we can improve the integration of the Building blocks
see presentation Media:SCOTT_UseCase_BB_Methodology.pdf
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Status BBs, integration (continued)
13:15 Deliverables, publications
14:00 SCOTT meeting in Tromsø in May (status, action items)
14:15 AOB, Action Items, next meetings
15:00 End of Meeting



Open issues

Gap in understanding of what is Cyber Security for the various areas: explanation and potential impact
Critical Infrastructure - common collaboration(?)

  • Deliverable 28.1 on vulnerabilities in use cases.
  • Sharing of knowledge for the Smart-Grid Security Centre

Potential demonstrations by SCOTT-NO partners

SCOTT-NO envisaged demonstrations, depending on technology development

VoWIFI - integration of Telecom services in the future home

1. TelCo service not using the mobile network, but using the home WIFI network

  • Future Mobile services will come: URLL, LPW …
  • using EyeSaaS network for monitoring the Wifi

Network slicing

by Telenor (Thanh), EyeNetwork (Maghsoud), OsloMet (Boning, Bruno), Basic Internet Foundation

  • Network slicing (build own OpenAir mobile SDN network) - own SIM
  • Own Network connected to Internet
  • network slice for “Internet light for all” - meaning: free access to information
  • collecting data from network and perform anomaly detection, using AI and machine learning for counteracting on e.g. APT attacks. (APT - “collecting information”)

Future vision: Emergency/Police network as network slice in Telecom

Managed Wireless

  • EyeSaaS platform, give ISP the opportunity to see the quality of te delivered WiFi - 75% of all calls to ISP are related to Wifi, 90% of boxes returned to ISPs were fully operational
  • security monitoring (F-Secure)
  • Pilot interworking
  • SmartHome - SmartCity - energy, critical infrastructures (electricity)
  • EMPOWER: Valer functioning MicroGrid - summer cottages (own apps), control system (End of April implementation)
  • consumer site: privacy labelling applicability in App)
  • Monitoring of the home/city: what is controlled in the App, consumer and energy aggregator.
  • privacy, trust and security in apps and remote monitoring for SCOTT

Trust-enhancement using S-ABAC

  • discussion of trust enhancement

Other opportunities

WP21 health - Philips & Telenor - Emergency case

  • network slice
  • trust delegation, access control (open doors)

DDoS counter-act

counter-act on a DDoS attack by switching off devices in the home (business attribute)