SCOTT:SCOTT review Sep2018


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SCOTT:SCOTT review Sep2018

Title SCOTT review Sep2018
Place Brussels
Date, Time 2018/09/25, 25Sep2018 Rehearsel, 26Sep2018 Review
Contact Person Michael Karner
Participants Peter Priller, Josef Noll, Werner Rom, Toktam Ramezani
related to Project SCOTT
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  • Brussels, JU Building(?)

Agenda 25Sep2018

Discussion and presentation

Agenda 26Sep2018

Suggested Agenda (consolidated with SCOTT-NO)

0900 Start of Meeting, Table Round
0915 Comments from the Reviewer
0935 Overview over SCOTT (Werner)
0955 Elevator Pitch and link to activities
detailed presentation of achievements in each poles
- Safety/security,
- security methodology,
- privacy label,
- trust & architecture
1200 lunch
1245 Showcase/Domain Showcases & demonstrators
1400 Domain Showcases/
1530 Q&A
short questions during presentations,
collect the questions on a white board and discuss them in detail during the Q&A session
1730 Reviewer discussion
1815 Recommendations from Reviewers
1845 Comments from the project
1900 End of review meeting - can we make it 18h?