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Trygt Svangerskap
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TrygtSvangerskap:TrygtSvangerskap Sep2017

Title TrygtSvangerskap_Sep2017
Place UiO
Date, Time 2017/09/06, 1000-1200
Contact Person Lena Henriksen
Participants Josef Noll, Lena Henriksen
related to Project TrygtSvangerskap:Trygt Svangerskap
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involvement of health stations

Lena to add these questions about the health stations

  • how many jordmødre do we have at the health station?
  • is there a Wifi available?
  • are we allowed to enter the Wifi code into the tablet?
  • Do you mind if we set up a Wifi router? (women should concentrate on their children and not play with the phone while sitting and waiting)

Identify of women in the questionnaire

  • create a list of access codes, e.g. AL1084 or ALAB3X for each health station (ALxx = 2^27+10, hvis a,b,c,...,0,1,2,3,... ; hvis bare 0,1,2... 99)
    • AI: Lena choose option 1 or 2 - Note: Josef has created the admission codes and added them to owncloud
    • AI: Lena to select the first digit(s) for each health station" Note: See list in: "Info about Helsestasjoner" at owncloud.
    • AI: Lena to define number of codes needed
    • AI: Josef to create the codes
    • AI: Serhat will implement the "white list" for access of generated codes only - remove the names

Availability of Questionnaire and translation

New version of Q1

  • Eva Marie will create an update using _v2.xls, and mark the changed fields in yellow

Home page and user creation

  • the public home page under shall not contain information about violence

Action Items

Open Action Items in TrygtSvangerskap’’’