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Trygt Svangerskap
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Project: Trygt Svangerskap
Trygt Svangerskap/Reducing Violence in Pregnancy
Project leader Mirjam Lukasse
Project Participants Lena Henriksen, Josef Noll, Berit Schei, Mirjam Lukasse, Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Eva Marie Flaathen, Kirsten Jagmann, Tine Gammelgaard Aaserud, Jeanette Angelshaug, Sezer Kisa
Start Date 2017/05/01
End Date 2021/04/30
Supported by NFR
Objective Develop key performance indicators for prevention of violence in pregnancy
Research Domain eHealth
Keywords EHealth, Violence

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Creating a more secure pregnancy

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Admin facts

  • HiOA: 1 Post Doc, 1 PhD (begge er ansatt)
  • UiO: 5% professor position, 40% technical assistant (together with HiOA), evtl Basic Internet
  • 3 years project from 1. May 2017

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