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Project: Trygt Svangerskap
Trygt Svangerskap/Reducing Violence in Pregnancy
Project leader Mirjam Lukasse
Project Participants Lena Henriksen, Josef Noll, Berit Schei, Mirjam Lukasse, Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Eva Marie Flaathen, Stine Bruland, Kirsten Jagmann, Tine Gammelgaard Aaserud
Start Date 2017/05/01
End Date 2021/04/30
Supported by NFR
Objective Develop key performance indicators for prevention of violence in pregnancy
Research Domain eHealth
Keywords EHealth, Violence

Factpage of Project Trygt Svangerskap


Promoting safety behaviors in routine antenatal care

  • Information and interaction with women to reduce (home) violence

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Admin facts

  • HiOA: 1 Post Doc, 1 PhD (begge er ansatt)
  • UiO: 5% professor position, 40% technical assistant (together with HiOA), evtl Basic Internet
  • 3 years project from 1. May 2017

Open Action Items

Action Items

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