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News given in autumn
Organisation UNIK
by Ingvild Sorteberg



UNIK4200 - Multicasting, routeing and service quality

Abstract The course will discuss actual problems in digital networks and Internet infrastructures to provide service quality.
Objective (max 350 words) The course will be based on actual problems in the architecture of various digital overlay network and Internet infrastructures. The starting point will be articles in learned journals. The students will develop and present solutions. The most important themes are: multicast routeing and signalling, routeing, service quality and traffic engineering.
Keywords Routing, Multicast, service quality, traffic engineering, service quality
Research Area(s) Security, Network technology
Type of course Master

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Learning outcomes

Give students in-depth knowledge of protocols and architectures for multicasting, routeing, service quality and traffic engineering.

PS: Routeing and Routing are alternative forms