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News First lecture on Tuesday 30Aug2016 - please send SMS to 90838066 (Josef) if you have conflicting courses. Video conference to room Scheme@Ifi.UiO.no (1251), to your home and anywhere.
Organisation UNIK
by Josef Noll



UNIK4700 - Building Mobile and Wireless Networks

Abstract The course provides knowledge on how to build networks, based on radio characteristics, mobile and wireless systems, propagation characteristics. Hands-on experiences with radio communications are used to complement the theory.
Objective (max 350 words) This course is extending the knowledge of students into the areas of radio communications and should thus be seen as a supplement to high-frequency directional radio links and mobile radio evolutions. Focus in this course will be on radio links for personal and mobile devices covering from some cm (contactless, short range) up to some 10 meters (wireless area). The second half of the course will specific topics in building networks. Topics include: (i), Principles of radio propagation and radio interaction, (ii) Research topics in contactless, short-range and wireless radio networks, (iii) IP-based mobility management for high throughput, and (iv) Evaluation of prediction models for future mobile communication systems

The main goal of the course is to work with scientific literature and analyse advantages and weaknesses of suggested approaches. Students will be asked to select topics, work through the related literature, perform an analysis of the literature, present the results towards the other students and discuss the advantages and shortcomings.This introductory work is mandatory for the participants, as it forms the basis for a home work, analysing selected topics in dedicated areas. The home work will be a report, and contributes to the final grade.Simulation of throughput in a network simulator is the second topic relevant for the final grade. Participants will learn to use the network simulator, and analyse specific radio interfaces.

Keywords Radio, Antennas, Propagation, Bandwidth, Gain, Capacity, Mobile Systems, Shannon, Mobility, MobileIP, MobileIPv6
Research Area(s) Radio technology, Security
Type of course Master

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Motivation, Introduction and Topics, see Media:UNIK4700-L1-Overview.pdf

For assignments to be presented during the course, please visit typical topics at UNIK4700:Assignments

 DateThis property is a special property in this wiki.
Mobile Network Challenges6 December 2016
Examen UNIK4700h166 December 2016
UNIK4700/Mobile evolution 4G29 November 2016
Assignment Presentations H16-222 November 2016
Assignment Presentations H1615 November 2016
Homework: Preparation of your assignment8 November 2016
Frequency Ranges and Propagation Models for Communications1 November 2016
Managed Wifi Access25 October 2016
Antennas and their communication parameters18 October 2016
- no lecture, Josef travelling -11 October 2016
- Autumn holidays - no lecture4 October 2016
Radio propagation equation29 September 2016
Wireless Communications aspects20 September 2016
From 1G to 5G and 5G Security13 September 2016
Basics of Communication6 September 2016
UNIK4700/9700-Introduction30 August 2016
Details of scenario discussion27 November 2015
Propagation Models and Free Internet29 October 2015
Mid470012 October 2015
UNIK4700h14 Simulation presentations5 December 2014
IP Mobility and Scenario28 November 2014
Scenario discussion incl. Security in heterogeneous networks21 November 2014
H14-Invers Mobile Operator14 November 2014
H14-Scenario for simulations31 October 2014
H14-Rehearsel and Simulation Assignments24 October 2014
Wifi WiMax and Security in NFC10 October 2014
UNIK4700:Autumn holidays2 October 2014
- no lecture -4 September 2014
Interference level and modelling13 December 2013
Evaluate COST 231 WI for handover6 December 2013
Handover modelling model using COST 231 WI29 November 2013
Implementation Cost231 models26 November 2013
Implementation evaluation of Cost 231 WI model18 November 2013
Cost 231 propagation model comparison8 November 2013
Cost231 propagation models19 October 2013
Near Field Communication,Bluetooth, ZigBee and ANT+26 September 2013
Radio propagation and free space attenuation20 September 2013
Examen UNIK4700h127 December 2012
Examen UNIK4700h1329 November 2012
MANET, Multi-homing and Simulation of handover22 November 2012
Fast and Hierachical MobileIP, Electroic nose18 November 2012
Mobile IP and Patch Antennas16 November 2012
Mobile IPv4 v68 November 2012
UNIK4700:Block Seminar30 October 2012
Mobility and Handover in mobile systems28 October 2012
WLAN communications21 October 2012
WiMAX and WirelessHART11 October 2012

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Books related to security:

  • "UMTS Security" - Günther Horn, Dan Forsberg, Wolf-Dietrich Moeller, Valtteri Niemi, Wiley
  • "LTE Security" - Valtteri Niemi, Kaisa Nyberg, Wiley
  • "Entity Authentication and Personal Privacy in Future Cellular Systems", Geir Køien, River


  • G.M. Køien, "An introduction to access security in UMTS", IEEE Wireless Comm.magazine, February, 2004
  • G. Rose and G.M. Køien, "Access security in CDMA2000, including a comparison with UMTS access security", IEEE Wireless Comm.magazine, February, 2004
  • C.B. Sankaran, " Network access security in next- generation 3GPP systems: A tutorial ", IEEE Comm.magazine, February 2009
  • G.M. Køien, " Access Security in 3GPP-based Mobile Broadband Systems", Telektronikk, 2010

3GPP spesifikasjoner: (disse finner du på 3GPP.org)

  • TS 43.020 (GSM/GPRS)
  • TS 33.102, 33.105, 33.102 (UMTS)
  • TS 33.210
  • TS 33.401, 33.402 (LTE)


Lectures will be recorded and available through corresponding links