WorkItems Zyyad


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WorkItems Zyyad

Title WorkItems_Zyyad
Place ITS
Date, Time 2017/08/30, 1130-1200
Contact Person Zyyad Shah
Participants Josef.Noll, Maghsoud Morshedi, Zyyad Shah
related to Project TrygtSvangerskap
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Domains and Names for RB960 identities

These are the IDs of the RB960 boxes

  • GravidPluss_NO
  • TrygtSvangerskap_NO
  • KinderdorfBottrop_DE
  • Selela_TZ
  • Mtera_TZ
  • Izazi_TZ
  • Kano_DRC
  • Palu_DRC

Remote configuration of RB960

We have the following alternatives for RB960 configurations:
1) we buy the box, we establish
2) they buy the box, send them the image, and we establish SSH-based adoptions
3) they buy the box, connect it to the network, and we establish all settings via SSH

concentrate on option 1) and 2) for testing and documentation

Pilot Kinderdorf

Lageplan Kinderdorf

Zyyad will test the SSH connection, before Josef takes the RB960 to the Caritas Kinderdorf. There the box will "dial up" using ADSL to the Internet, and distribute the content via a mixed TP,AirTies network.

  • DHCP enabled
  • ADSL dial up - details will be provided by Josef
  • establish DynDNS (, such that we can access the box remotely?
  • updated whitelist_wlan (owncloud)

Tablet configuration for TrygtSvangerskap

Establishing either InfoInternet hot spots to health stations

  • See = Meetings = Kick-off = Presentation from Josef

Evaluation of kiosk mode

Without needing to root the device to limit internet access,