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Title Payment for InnoBors
Type change request
Severity 2-major
Keywords payment, idea creation
Date (expected, solved,...) 2012/03/10
Expected Version v2.7
Status Open
Summary (1-2 lines):
Test Procedure:

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updated 8.Feb2012, included discussion and answers to Tawhid, first specs from Gunnar

We need a payment option for (i) privat idea, (ii) public idea, (iii) rising star member. The following payment is involved

  • privat idea (0 kr) - everyone can create an idea, but the idea is limited to the person himself. He may invite others to become members of the team, but the idea remains visible for him and his team members.
  • public (previously: noted) (2500 kr) - #TEXT_Noted_IDEA: A noted idea is public (after payment), and has an own page on the InnoBors where it appears. The community can "vote up" and "add comments" to ideas being on the "notes InnoBors". However, no investments ("want to be a millionair") can be made from the community. The idea will not go through the approved scorecard process, and will thus not be able to be amongst the "listed ideas" and "no scorecards". The notation of an idea costs 2.500,00 NOK.
  • listed (25000 kr) -#TEXT_LISTED_IDEA A listed idea is a candidate for the Rising Star Award of Movation, and will be introduced on the main listing at the InnoBors. The idea owners will be invited for a scoring session, where a detailed analysis of the proposed idea is being performed by experts in the field.

When a user creates an idea, this idea is privat. The process is divided into two parts. See more at BG:Idea_Creation-01 (idea creation).


Q: Do you want a online payment system to be integrated in the system?
A: yes, specifications are longer down
Q: Or when the idea owner clicks to upgrade the idea to be LISTED or PUBLIC, a request mail is sent to the system admin and on receiving money from the idea owner(by check or cash or any other way) upgrades the idea status to the requested state.
A: we will allow that option only for "listed" (=25000 NOK) or "listed&noted" (=27500 NOK), were we will create an Invoice (not clear who is doing it) and then perform a manual update of the status.


as from the email from Gunnar Here is how Codewise would like to implement the payment process:

1. When a user (on wants to «purchase» the Movation site collects necessary information from the user (amount, user details, redirect page for payment-went-ok and redirect page for payment-failed) and call our service to initiate payment
2. We will open the NETS payment screen where the user will have the option to select payment method (card, invoice).
3. The user will either succeed with the payment or fail (e.g. cancel payment, invalid card.. etc)
4. We will receive success or fail from NETS and store the transaction in a database, send an e-mail to one or more people at Movation and redirect the user to one of the two pages we received initially.

We are going to have four different services to be paid for:

1. Public: NOK 2.500
2. Listed: NOK 25.000 (include score meeting and visible scoring value)
3. Public & Listed (everything at once) NOK 27.500
4. Updated: NOK 7.500 (this is a service when somebody gets a new score meeting - after one year)

A person can register and edit an idea private for free, but if he want to go public with the idea then he have to pay (Public: NOK 2.500). After going public the person can then choose to do a scoring (consult meeting) and pay for showing up the scoring value in InnoBors (Listed: NO 25.000).

Before the person can pay, he have to accept the agreement. I will give you the agreements later.

We are going to implement two method of Payments; Card (VISA/MasterCard) and Invoice

The overall principle will be like this: PaymentPrincipleInnobors.png

Open Issues

  • design suggestion for payment
  • details on invoice (bill, faktura) versus creditcard payment
  • who is doing what (work division between CodeView and BD)
  • description of interfaces (towards payment and from payment)