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Title Useability-smaller updates v2.7
Type functionality
Severity 2-major
Keywords Design, Ease of use
Date (expected, solved,...)
Expected Version v2.8
Status Solved&Tested
Summary (1-2 lines): Smalller adjustements regarding useability, including Crowdsourcing, design
Test Procedure:
News: 20120706: In Movation Dalare (number); Use . (dot), not , (comma ). Like: 2.200.00

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Update 4 July 2012

Home screen

  • After the login I should be able to click on the ideas, and be forwarded to Tracksa. That means "mouse over" is okay to display the text, but "mouse click" should lead me directly to Tracksa
  • this Home screen should also contain the Crowdfunding symbol
  • The links on the top: Idea, company, scoring, invested, .... should be visible and generate the "Stock Exchange List" sorted after these criteria
  • The "Added" column should be removed
  • Don't show Company where "N/A"

Idea screen

  • Only show 5 last comments


  • Remove "Funding" title in StockMarket, leave the symbol
  • click on Crowdfunding symbol leads to "JegVilBidra" page, see BG:Click on Crowdfunding takes you directly to JegVilBidra page
  • If no company is set, leave it blank (remove 'N/A')
  • Remove column "Added" (internal information, no value for users)
  • Remove "$"-sign "everywhere". We talk about "Movation Dalar", use MovationDalar.png



Q: I could not find any details about what the changes i have to make. Can you please explain what to do?
A: Josef: Sorry, my mistake. I created the page without providing the other input
Q: Remove "$"-sign "everywhere". -> it is not clear, is the "$" sign to be removed from crowdfunding logo?
A: No, the "$" sign remain in the crowdfunding logo. But we have several pages where we use "$" instead of Movation Dalar (our fun money which people can use to invest).