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About us

The Basic Internet Foundation was established in December 2014 as a collaboration between the University Graduate Centre (UNIK), now University of Oslo (UiO) and Kjeller Innovasjon AS to foster Internet light for all, the free access to information for everyone on the globe. The Foundation works for:

  • Free access to low capacity Internet as a carrier of digital content to people in areas with low admission and / or no Internet coverage.
  • Support of organisations and companies to adapt and disseminate information for the affected recipients should be able to help themselves.
  • Basic Information regarding education, healthcare, agriculture, innovation or other services that contribute to increased welfare and value creation that benefit the population in the respective areas.
  • The Foundation will offer their benefits based on greatest need and in many areas as possible.

The early collaborators were Professor Josef Noll, Linda Firveld, Danica Radovanovic, Iñaki Garitano, Gunnar Nilsen, Tor Blomseth, Stian Løvold, Bjarne Haugen and Vidar Sannerhaugen. Together we have extensive experience with entrepreneurship, development, implementation and operation.

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Basic Internet Foundation

Josef Noll r.gif Linda Firveld r.gif Vidar Sannerhaugen r.gif Inaki Garitano r.gif
Josef Noll Linda Firveld Vidar Sannerhaugen Iñaki Garitano
Knud Erik r.gif Danica r.png Stian Lovold r.gif Sudhir Dixit r.gif
Knud Erik Skouby Danica Radovanovic Stian Løvold Sudhir Dixit
Gro Mette Garmo r.gif
Gro Mette Garmo


Please feel free to contact the foundation through the contact form, SMS or phone. or through our contact form:

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