Working Together in BasicInternet

Josef Noll,

Working Together

DigI Wiki

  • Collaborative project, building the knowledge community in IoT Security
  • physical and virtual meetings
  • virtual: wiki
  • Meetings/Workshops
  • PhD and PostDocs
  • international exchange Wiki

DigI Meetings page
  • is based on MediaWiki (as Wikipedia)
    • knowledge base and publication platform
    • with Semantic Extensions: machine readable
    • consistent information
  • How to use
  • Structured information through Forms
  • Tips on how to edit: DigI:How_to_edit

Notes and Limitations:


  • all users can add new users Special:UserLogin/signup, however, access to DigI and DigAdmin has to be provided by an administrator


  • wiki language


DigI Forms

  • Phone conference every second Wednesday of a month at (tbc)
  • Physical Consortium meeting every six months (2 times/year) (tbc