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The challenge in collaboration:

  • some parts should be restricted, example: idea databas
  • PhD topics (list of topics)
  • internal advise (GP information)
  • process and selection of PhD candidates ("SUPERRESTRICTED") - only seen by committee

PUblic pages

  • public information space
  • how to exchange information between wikis? (users, pages...)
    • interwiki links (open wikis)

Implementation: Restricted

  • Namespace for Committee (BUET, GP, CWIN)
  • Namespace for GP employees: idea listing, internal GP information
    • extract title and 3 line info for public
    •  ?how to create a restricted page based on a public form? (Form: public, input for topics) -> output is restricted
    •  ?rdf export from page? (title and lines) - ask with special info?

Public area with

  • topic and 3 line description
  • PhD