Conquering energy poverty with solar

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Conquering energy poverty with solar

Title Conquering energy poverty with solar
Place Bright, Kongens gate 14, Oslo
Date, Time 2018/06/21, 0830-1300
Contact Person Ingun Berget Johansen
Participants Josef.Noll, Mathilde Byskov, Ingun Berget Johansen, Per Kristian Sbertoli, Pio Ding, Christopher Ruud, Jon Vea, Reinaart Pretorius, Geir Thomas Tonstøl, Reuben Chepkonga, Marte Ness
related to Project DigI
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Introduction: Sector opportunities and challenges: Ingun Berget, CEO, BRIGHT Products
Sustainable energy solutions for universal energy access:Per Kristian Sbertoli, Head of Renewable Finance, ZERO
Energy poverty and partnership approaches: Pio Ding, Director of International Programmes, Norwegian Church Aid
Off-grid and on-grid solutions -technical and policy: Christopher Ruud, Renewable Energy Advisor, Multiconsult
10.00 – 10.20: Panel session with speakers, moderated by Jon Vea, NHO
10.20 – 10.35: Coffee break! + BRIGHT technical showroom
10.40 – 11.30: Partnership Experiences:
Norges Vel in Tanzania: Reinaart Pretorius, International Director, Norges Vel
Strømmestiftelsen in Kenya: Geir Thomas Tonstøl, Economic Inclusion Advisor, & Asle Danielsen Stalleland, Leader Media and Advocacy, Strømme Stiftelsen
Norwegian Church Aid in Somalia (pay-go):Reuben Chepkonga, Programme Manager Somalia, NCA
World Wildlife Foundation in Uganda: Marte Ness, Senior Advisor Energy and Development, WWF
11.30 – 12.00: Q&A for speakers and summary of the day


Bright - Energy for all

  • 1.1 Billion people will remain "off-grid" (Ingunn), even in 2030 about 600 Million will be off-grid


  • 40 øre offshore wind, 25 øre onshore wind, <20 øre solar
  • Obstacles for enterprises: 1) access to finance, 2) electricity, 3) political instability, 4) tax rates, 5) practical challenges

Pio Ding, Norwegian Church Aid, South Sudan

  • be pollied, don’t talk to people, talk with people
  • NCA: empower local communities, increase their capacity
  • the poor are risk aware, they want to keep the little they have

Christopher Ruud, Renewable Energy, Multiconsult

  • key drivers demanding off-grid solutions
  • Norad, Norfund “grid”
  • Mozambique: Population 28 billion, electrification are now at ~26%, rural <10%

Norges Vel (det kongelige selskap for norges vel), Røyal Norwegian Society for Development Reinaart Pretorius, m: +37 416 37 603,

  • established in 1809, Droning Sonja is patron
  • international: Tanzania Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique (Cashew)
  • SDG 2, 8, 17 - digital work
  • Examples: Biogasification (Uganda) Cashew (Mozambique - Nøttesfabrikk)
  • Tanzania: rice farmers

Strømme Foundation

  • SDG8 creating work,
  • Naboshow (Masai) - Kenya - Agder Energy and Skagerak Energy support the project

NCA - Bright Project in Mozambique

  • 1 year: Digital Learning, Financial Literacy, Access to Capital, Quality Light
  • 400 people, stimulate for entrepreneurship
  • Angaza App: pay-as-you-go, Energy Hub, sell, track, optimise
  • solutions: GSM, key codes sent vis SMS, or bi-directional cable with data transfer (and phone app)

Marte Ness (World Wildlife Fund) WWF-Norge

  • Uganda: strøm og energi til koking
  • privat: Ugastove, Barefoot Power, Small Solutions, Box, Prime Energy, UP Energy, MNTN Phoenix, Solar Now, M-Kopa
  • Grasrot: Kiima Foods, CODEA, Friends of Nature, Caritas Kasese, KALI, ASD, AFODE, Karambi SACCO
  • Andre: Kongehuset, Access2Innovation, Ministeriet, Universitet
  • Godfrey Baluku Kime, mayor of Kasese town “I want to boost energy access in the region to improve living standards, public health and bolster the local economy”


  • 1) SACCO (Mikrokredit): +lite mislighold, - ekslusivt, - dyrt lån
  • 2) Grupper: +Lite mislighold, + indkluderende, + billig lån, - dyrt å nå gruppa (lærer, kvinner,…)
  • 3) Ingen gruppe: + gruppetilhørighet ikke nødvendig, - dyrt å bygge opp organisasjon


  • Partnerskap
  • Lokale myndigheter må ta ledelsen
  • litt bedre råd til folk. Heng deg på noen som….
  • bruk lokale strukturer


  • framework for integrated development, both bringing SDGs together (energy, information access, health, education, equality, partnership), as well as partners
  • administration of micro-solutions are too costly financially
  • comment: on Telenor - increase their business
  • Norges Vel (Norad financed): integrated approach - examples of entrepreneurship (“best praxis).
  • Digital Society: Best praxis approach and network (SDG, area/country, …) -Reinaart