DigI:Anthrax follow on Nov2017

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DigI:Anthrax follow on Nov2017

Title DigI:Anthrax_follow_on_Nov2017
Place UiO Global Health
Date, Time 2017/11/22, 1400-1600
Contact Person Elibariki Mwakapeje
Participants Andrea Winkler, Josef Noll, Elibariki Mwakapeje
related to Project DigI
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PostDoc plans Elibariki
28Nov2017 meeting Haitham - Meeting invitation sent
Plans in DigI
Connect the Unconnected (CTU)

PostDoc plans Elibariki

Traditional Health Intervention
  • same approach as in other diseases
  • Osama (new PostDoc) will visit Tanzania
  • Enabling digital health (political, societal, technical, ...) really multi-dimensional
Digital Health changes Intervention

In addition, the following aspects could be considered:

  • Government
  • TelCo
  • District Authorities
  • Ten Cell
  • People (incentives for usage)

Anthrax - outbreak response

  • create showcase for outbreak management
  • polluted soil, taken up by animals during low vegetation times,
  • outbreak typical in dry times
  • 500 TZ shilling per animal (0.4 USD), to be applied to 100 animals
  • vaccination practise of animals ("invest in life stock") through digital health information
    • head of household vs women