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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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Digital Inclusion activities in DRC

In DRC (Congo) the focus will be on novel services and entrepreneurial opportunities through Internet services provided in an off-grid location. We will demonstrate the ability to establish a profitable business as mobile operator and internet provider in rural areas, reaching out to people with income below 3$US per day by including them into the digital society. We have identified the villages of Kano and Palu as pilot entrepreneurial services and information through the extension of the satellite-based mobile service provision with an Internet extension. Examples of the envisaged services are voucher-sales for digital services, electrical lights, as well as programs and mentoring for education and health.


The following WPs are involved in DRC

  • WP-I1 Information-Internet infrastructure for DRC
  • WP-I2 InfoInternet - Content and Apps
  • WP-I3 Evaluation and Global Perspective
  • WP-I4 Dissemination and Exploitation
Education Projet CLAT in DRC

Specific work in DRC

  • WP-C1 Specifications for Congo (DRC)
  • WP-C2 Pilot Phase A DRC
  • WP-C3 Phase A evaluations and Phase B Specifications
  • WP-C4 Pilot Phase B DRC
  • WP-C5 DRC Phase B evaluation and suggestions for sustainable operations