DigI:DigI Noradconference 2019

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DigI:DigI Noradconference 2019

Title Norad conference 2019
Place Radisson SAS, Oslo
Date, Time 2019/12/16, All day
Contact Person Norad
Participants Josef Noll, Christine Holst
related to Project DigI
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Digital Inclusion on the agenda of the The Norad Conference 2019

The theme in this year’s Norad conference was Digitalisation and development. Christine Holst talked about the DigI project, Internet Lite for all, the need for information in rural Tanzania, the simplicity of the equipment, how we are addressing the gender gap and the importance of local collaboration, in a panel discussion on digital inclusion. She is discussing with Miora Randriambeloma from KaiOS and Kari Moe Jacobsen from Norad. Photo: Espen Røst/Norad

[Watch the panel session here (introduction in Norwegian, discussion in English)]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CJiaAa3-TI&feature=youtu.be [Watch all session from the conference here.] https://norad.no/aktuelt/nyheter/2019/opptak-fra-noradkonferansen-2019/