DigI:Digi Consortium GotoMeeting Feb 2018

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DigI:Digi Consortium GotoMeeting Feb 2018

Title Digi Consortium GotoMeeting Feb 2018
Place ITS
Date, Time 2018/02/06, 1300-1400
Contact Person Christine.Holst
Participants Christine.Holst, Josef Noll, Andrea Winkler, Ingeborg K Haavardsson, Maurice Isabwe, Helena Ngowi, Bernard Ngowi, Felix Sukums, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Clemence Ineza, Danica Radovanovic, Iñaki Garitano, Erwan Le Quentrec, Peter Cardellichio, Bjarne Tarjei Haugen, Finn Helge Tolpinrud, Sudhir Dixit
related to Project DigI:DigI
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Status NFR reporting:
- payment (no payment in Feb2018), first end of March
- conflict between max support and actual contributions from partners
Travel plan and meeting TZ, see: owncloud = DigI = Site Survey = Feb2018 = Travel_plan.txt
Contributions to health site
- feedback on translation of Cystocercosis
Roll-out TZ
KPI for Digital Inclusion
- Report from Danica about collaboration with India (IIT Bombay)
physical Meeting plans 18Apr2018 (TZ)
Plans DRC
- Master thesis Wisam_Ahmed on Entrepreneurship for women
- SDGconference Bergen 8-9.Feb
- Co-ordination meeting "følgeforskningsprosjekt" Bergen 7Feb2018


GotoMeeting failed, thus we meet on Skype. Please use Skype: https://join.skype.com/jesxbNpQCgcm


Status NFR reporting

  • NFR reporting is in principle approved
  • However, we have a conflict between max support and actual contributions from partners. Partners have contributed according to their max funding, but as we have more contributions from research partners, the total % of requested support is higher than anticipated. This has shown a conflict between the contractual % of support, and the ESA roles for individual support.
  • As we spent less this year, no payment will be released by Feb2018.
  • In 2018, we expect two payments on 1/3 of the 2018 budget: 1. payment March/April, 2. payment in August, 3. payment after delivery of yearly reporting 20Jan2019

Travel to TZ Feb2018

  • Travel plan and meeting contacts in TZ
  • see: owncloud = DigI = Site Survey = Feb2018 = Travel_plan.txt
  • invitation to relevant ministries (Work/Communications, Health), governmental organisations as well as Telecom operators are invited.

Content for the health spot

We need more content

  • digital literacy, how to use a tablet
  • what can the tablet bring you

Landing page, what is going to happy

  • digital health, "nice and narrative" story telling to be attractive for people

We need to find attraction to pull people into the "health spot"

  • need people to revisit and come again
  • what is the attraction, why are you coming into the health spot

Conclusion: We need content, such that the health site, e.g. Cystocercosis, can be developed

In addition, Maurice will work with his team to make the "health spot" attractive for people to (re-)visit

Roll-out TZ

Waiting from Feedback from Felix on

  • suggestion for local (TelCo) partners
  • analysis of locations (health spot, school, market place, governmental/municipality building)
  • concrete time plan for negotiation with Telecom Operators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Digital Inclusion

  • White Paper on KPIs is published on DigI:Publications, but open for further input (on Google Docs)
  • Not much work is published on KPIs, most of the KPIs are linked to technical connectivity issues, typically being the number of hot-spots, number of people affected
  • Further work is envisaged for a paper targeting either a conference or journal


  • Collaboration with IIT Bombay for the region of Gran Mark in India. Initial assessment study performed, with information provided by Sarbani Banerjee Belur.
  • Contacts established to: Matogoro Jabera is currently working as Assistant Lecturer in College of

Informatics and Virtual Education at the University of Dodoma, Tanzania. Matogoro is setting up three schools in rural Tanzania through a community network.

Physical Meeting plans 18Apr2018 (TZ)

  • Planned for 18Apr2018, might be moved to Tuesday, evtl Monday. Andrea will coordinate with Felix and Bernard.
  • Note: Josef does not want to force anyone to travel on Saturday/Sunday to reach a meeting

Plans DRC

  • to be agreed with Erwan and Finn Helge
  • we need to establish a "Plan B" if nothing moves in DRC


Next Meeting

  • Tues 13Mar2018, 1300-1400h