DigI:IT infrastructure for Africa-Mar2017

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DigI:IT infrastructure for Africa-Mar2017

Title IT infrastructure for Africa
Place Sjusjøen, Ringsaker
Date, Time 2017/03/07, -8Mar2017
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Christine Holst, Jan Knobloch, Josef Noll
related to Project DigI, Cystinet
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Venue 7.-8.Mar2017

Sjusjøen, Fjellstuer D4

  • suggest to fly to OSL, be picked up by Josef, then drive to the hut (ca 160 km)
  • on evening 8Mar2017 dinner with Andrea (and Ingeborg?)


  • Welcome
  • IT infrastructures
  • Ideas for IT in health
  • specific collaboration Cystinet-Digi
  • vision on collaboration

follow-up of Munich meeting: http://its-wiki.no/wiki/DigI:CYSTINET-DigI_IT-Feb2017


Sustainable, inclusive and distributed Platform for Global Health

contains of

  • virtual/software components, e.g. data storage, knowledge center
  • physical meeting places, e.g. courses, fora
  • Global Health, incl. one health,...

Jan has created a drawing of the platform

Components of the platform

  • Objectives virtual/SW: knowledge, information exchange, apps, questionnaire, ....
  • Objectives physical: mentoring school, health school, medical classes, seminars, fora...
  • Players/Groups: who is doing what
  • Areas, including topics, geography, user groups
  • Focus in Cystinet and DigI
  • Specific achievements, e.g. best praxis, KPI/KAP
  • Collaborations: UiO DHIS2, Norad, Sida, BMBF, USAid, Gates Foundation, ...

Way ahead:

how to proceed?
how to present?
how to implement?

Terminology understanding

Goal: Create the wording "ontology" such that Medical - IT - Public/Policy wording

  • basis for workflow creation and information modelling

Final outcome:

open and extendable ontology for (digital) global health

App development

see Action Items

WP-T1..T4 description

see Action Items

Open Action Items in DigI