DigI:Tanzania Digital Community Meeting 23Feb2021

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DigI:Tanzania Digital Community Meeting 23Feb2021

Title DigI:Tanzania Digital Community Meeting 23Feb2021
Place Dodoma and zoom
Date, Time 2021/02/23, 0830-1100
Contact Person Mulembwa Munaku
Participants Mulembwa Munaku, Catherine R. Kimambo, Matogoro Jabhera
related to Project BasicInternet, School Connectivity TZ
Keywords School Connectivity, Digital Transformation
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The Ministry for Communication and ICT has established an advisory board for "Digitalizing Tanzanian Communities" by 2030

The goals are to establish the concrete plans for connecting all primary and secondary schools, health facilities and communities in Tanzania hence they pioneered a multi-stakeholder initiative called TANZANIA COMMUNITY DIGITALIZATION (TCD) Initiative with the following objectives

General Objective The main objective of Tanzania Community Digitalization is to enhance the quality of health and education delivery in Tanzania.

Specific Objectives Tanzania Community Digitalization has the following specific objectives: i. To Map connectivity demand for schools, health facilities and villages; ii. To Provide schools, health facilities and villages with reliable and affordable access to the broadband Internet; iii. To develop appropriate e-platforms and e-content; iv. To build ICT Capacity for skilled workforces in both Education and Health Sector; and v. To facilitate data-use and accountability for evidence-informed decision making.

MCIT ( Ministry of communication and information technology) together with PO-RALG brought together the following key stakeholders

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government, Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF), Rural Energy Agency (REA), Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation (TTCL), Shule Direct, Mobile Network Operators (Airtel, MIC ,Vodacom, Viettel and Zantel), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Tanzania Internet Service Provider Association (TISPA), University of Dodoma (UDOM), Collage of Business Education (CBE), Basic Internet Foundation, ICT Commission, Tanzania Community Networks Alliance. Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO), Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), Ministry of Health Community development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Public Sector System Strengthening Plus (PS3+), The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROAD), Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA), Education Programme for Results (EP4R).

All key stakeholders were divided in to 4 working groups that included

1 Infrastructure and connectivity This group will work on the infrastructure that is to be used during connectivity and they will be involved with connecting the schools, health facilities and communities

2 Digital skills This group will be involved with making sure Tanzanian citizens are equipped with enough skills that will allow them to benefit from the connectivity. By conducting trainings and awareness creation

3Applications and local contents This group will make sure that contents are available to schools and health centers and design apps that can be used by the beneficiaries in schools and health facilities

4 Publicity and coverage This group will be involved with getting the word out there about digitalization of Tanzanian communities and creating awareness on the project.


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Tanzania Digital Community Meeting 23Feb2021
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