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Bluetooth connectivity

Here are some lessons learned regarding Bluetooth problems. Automatic transfer of values from the phone only works if the device is charged enough. Though the ForaCare Diamond Mini (dm30b) still measures blood sugar, the Bluetooth needs more energy and may fail is the battery is almost empty.

There are three ways of switching off the Diamond Mini, to start the transfer of the data to the mobile phone

  1. After your measurement is done, the device will turn off. Alternatively you can remove the strip or switch the device off by pressing the silver bar.
  2. After switch off, you can switch the Diamond Mini on again, and go through all your measures. After the last measurement the device will switch off again.
  3. After switch off, you can switch the Diamond Mini on again. When you then hold the silver bar pressed for at least 3 seconds, the device will switch off again.

Our experience is that some iPhones don't receive data in 1st method. In that case you need to use the 3rd or 2nd method restart the transfer.
An even better way is to (1) open GravidPluss app first, then (2) take the blood sugar measurements, and then press (3) automatic transfer(automatisk overføring) in the app.

We have two types of Blood Sugar measurement devices in use, the ForaCare dm30b with traditional Bluetooth and the Bluetooth Low Energy version. The best way to identify if you have the Bluetooth low energy version is do identify that your serial number ends with a v4.

ForaCare Diamond Mini v4

The ForaCare dm30b with a serial number ending with a v4 is a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) device.

  • Bluetooth needs to be enabled on your iPhone/Android
  • No pairing is needed
  • Take the blood sugar measurements, then close the Diamond Mini, and then open the GravidPluss app
  • In the app, press automatic readings//automatisk overføring will request the data and transfer them to the phone
  • Note: there should be no difference if you open the app first, or take first the measurements, and then open the app

ForaCare Diamond Mini v3

ForaCare dm30b pairing.png

The ForaCard dm30b with conventional Bluetooth needs pairing. Thus

  • press with a pen in the reset whole on the back side of the ForaCare device, until the "PAr" comes up.
  • press "Set" to change to "yes"
  • Open Bluetooth on your iPhone/Android, and search for devices: you should find "Diamond Mini". Select it by clicking on the name and "pair"

Lights when measuring

ForaCare dm30b functions.png
  • after you have measured, and switched off the device, the blue light starts blinking
    • If the blue light starts blinking, it means that there is a problem with pairing.
    • Otherwise, automatic transfer will take place. Since, after the device and phone is paired, I suddenly get the last data without waiting from user to click button "Automatisk overforing".

On your iPhone

  • Check that there is a bluetooth symbol on apple device in the right-top corner.
  • After you close the Diamond Mini and when you start to see blue light in bluetooth device, the bluetooth symbol on apple device starts to blink. It means that apple device got the last measurement data.
    • Can you please also check that symbol, is that blinking after you see blue light from device?

Questions & Answers

Q: When removing the strip, then the phone switches off. The Bluetooth device goes into "off", then starts constant blue - BUT: the iPhone does not activate Bluetooth (Bluetooth symbol does not blink).

A: Some iPhones need the GravidPluss app to be opened to receive the first message. see procedure above

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Notes 16Jun2015

1) First of all, for Bluetooth v3, you need to pair blood sugar device and Apple device from Settings. 2) For BLE, there is no need to pair blood sugar device and Apple device. It suddenly finds bloodsugar device and connects each other. 3) Before clicking "Automatisk overforing" patients should open and close their bloodsugar device. After they close it, bluetooth light appears. After that, there will be "bip" voice. This is so important. It means that everything is okey, I got the last measurement data, you can continue. Now for patients, it will be much easier to understand that data is transfered to their device.

After changing code, Bluetooth v3 also starts to work better. Just there is one note Josef, I could not get last measurement data's date and time. For now, I set the date and time when patients clicks "Automatisk overforing". Even if I set command true, I got wrond date and time. I will write detailed email to Lars and ask this. However, I think that it is not big problem I can fix it easily after Lars writes me.