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GravidPluss:Software version and feedback form

Title GravidPluss:Software version and feedback form
Place Skype
Date, Time 2014/11/07, 1800-1930
Contact Person Iñaki Garitano
Participants Serhat Sama, Eray Ayduran, Iñaki Garitano
related to Project GravidPluss
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Serhat, Eray and Iñaki went through the software version and feedback pages in order to clarify the working procedure proposed by Josef.

  • If Josef, Lisa or Iñaki put’s in a «new» feedback/bug/change request, they mark it as «NEW» and provide an estimate on the degree of urgent.
  • If Serhat or Eray have a question, they will add to «NEW» the «QUESTION» flag.
  • After Josef, Lisa or Iñaki have answered, they will change to «ANSWER».
  • When Serhat and Eray start working, they change to «OPEN»
  • When Serhat or Eray are done, they change to «CLOSED».
  • Then it is Josef's, Lisa's or Iñaki's turn to check, and confirm «CHECKED».
  • After it is documented, the flag will be changed to «CHECKED AND DOCUMENTED».

List of all ActionItems

  • Iñaki will install Xcode in order to be able to test the iOS version of the app. Eray will send the whole Xcode project to Iñaki.
  • Serhat, Eray and Iñaki will start using the new feedback pages instead of doing through email.