InfoSpot Configuration

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Disclaimer: This compendium provides information on how to configure anInfoSpot. The compendium is foreseen for competence centres who want to learn about the detailed configuration.

InfoSpot Configuration

InfoSpot Configuration
a guide for Competence Centres
Josef Noll
InfoSpot Configuration
BasicInternet & UiO

Template:Configure InfoSpots TOC

⌘ How an InfoSpot works

  • What is an InfoSpot?  % InfoSpot: story telling bla bla
  • Equipments needed  % mast, antenna, SIM, LNCC, RPI/Server
  • Examples of InfoSpots  % inside and examples
  • Information for your community

⌘ How to establish an InfoSpot

⌘ Connect to a regional competence center (RCC)

  • What is a regional competence center?
  • Contacts to RCC
  • Due Dilligence: who is installing, registered entity, team
  • Device Ordering
  • register the place for the InfoSpot
  • identify the mobile operator

⌘ Configuration of Devices

see: InfoSpot Device Configuration % register the devices

⌘ Preparation of Installation

% receive the devices % purchase a SIM card % activate the SIM card, remove PIN code % establish the antenna; insert the SIM card % connect the cables % perform tests before going out into the field

⌘ Installation at the location

  • re-measure the direction of the mobile tower
  • perform the tests
  • organise an InfoMeeting with the community
  • create some pictures & provide a short story
  • send an Impact Report (after 3 month, 6 months, 12 months)