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Internet lite
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Internet lite is the terminology used to address the free access to information for all. The role of digital technology in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is well-established and integrated into the Agenda 2030.

Digital access is the key to digital development – a global public good which can act as a catalyst towards achieving sustainability, participation and inclusive development. Digitalisation is intrinsic to achieving good health (SDG 3), good education (SDG 4), equality and empowerment (SDGs 5 and 10), decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), partnership (SDG 17), all driven by SDG 9 – industrial innovation and infrastructure. Internet lite establishes the freemium (free & premium) model for digital access. Free access to information, being text, pictures and local video, and premium access to broadband content such as video and games. The concept was established by the Basic Internet Foundation in order to enable digital inclusion in developing economies.

Though the concept focussed primarily on developing economies, it is of imminent importance for individuals, companies and societies at large. The freemium access to the Internet empowers everyone. Digital empowerment for all will create the necessary basis for industrial uptake, equipping individuals and communities with life and coping skills. The widening digital divide between urban and rural, and between people with or without digital access prevents people from achieving full access to health, education and decent work.

  • The Internet lite concept is supported by the InfoInternet standard, being a set of lightweight protocols (AMP, text, pictures, ...).
  • Such Internet lite can be provided through local WiFi Information Spots, bringing Internet out to remote villages
  • The business model for digital inclusion is the free access to Internet Lite, and the premium access to broadband services.

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