IoTSec:Consortium Meeting Halden Apr2019


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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:Consortium Meeting Halden Apr2019

Title IoTSec: Consortium Meeting Halden 23Apr2019
Place Halden SIN
Date, Time 2019/04/23, 1000-17002019/04/24, 0900-1300
Contact Person Qazi Sohail Ahmad
Participants Christian Johansen, Qazi Sohail Ahmad, Olaf Owe, Shohreh Monshizadeh, Elahe Fazeldehkordi, Josef Noll, Maunya Doroudi Moghadam, Habtamu Abie, Svetlana Boudko, Manish Shrestha, Adam Szekeres, Einar Snekkenes, Øivind Berg, Anders Jakob Sivesind, Magne Granly
related to Project IoTSec
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Tue, 23Apr2019 1000-1700h

10:00h Taxi transport to Halden/SIN
10:10 Welcome (Qazi)
10:20 Introduction, Agenda (Christian), Highlights from Y3 report
10:40 Sister/Related Projects presentations (10min + 10min discussions)
(challenges that the projects address)
Magne Granly and Arif Iqbal on Cyber Security Lab for IoT Devices
Habtamu for H2020 FINSEC's (Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures)
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Potential collaboration/cross-fertilization between projects
13:00 Coffee break
14:30 Scientific Session
Optimal power flow using intelligent algorithms by Shohreh Monshizadeh (from Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge)
Stakeholder profiling approaches by Adam Szekeres (from NTNU)
Privacy agreements evaluation using Neural Networks by Anders Jakob Sivesind (from UiO)
17:00 Mini-bus to Hotell Fredriksten
18:30 Dinner at Fredriksten Hotell

 PresenterPresentation FileKeywords
Societal Security - Towards Trusted and Innovative Society 2019/04/23Josef NollClick to OpenSocietal Security

Alternative travel, free taxi to train station: Mini-bus marked «HiØ Kunnskapsparken – Halden stasjon»

from Remmen at 14:50 for the 15:10 train
from Remmen at 15:50 for the 16:05 train
from Remmen at 16:50 for the 17:03 train

Tue, 24April2019 08:30-13:00

08:30 Mini-bus from hotel to Remmen Kunnskapspark
09:00 Industrialization session
Possible topic(s) for the session
Smart Grid Security Classification (moderated by Manish Shrestha from eSmart Systems)
Threat modeling to predict security issues
AI and automation
Participants can be invited from Industry too. Feel free to invite as you wish!
11:00 Adaptive data collection for real-time security analytics by Svetlana Boudko (from NR)
11:30 Reach-out/Feedback to Research Council of Norway
Roadmap towards autonomous systems, virtual sensors,
Research topics: graceful degradation, adaptive security, AI-IoT-automation, (un-)predictive behaviour
IoT for SDGs (trusted information, digital inclusion), inclusive digital society, societal security
Collaborations with (inter-)national projects
12:00 Lunch

Free taxi to train station (as on first day)

Minutes and Follow-up

Minutes of the meeting are in IoTAdmin:20190423MeetingHalden_Notes