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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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Several positions on security and formal modelling/programming for IoT and/or CPS.

Examples of future Smart Grid

The University of Oslo (UiO) increases the focus on security and formal methods applied to Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). Several PhD positions are envisaged to be open in the near future (scroll down for details).

In addition, positions on the following topics are open:

The future smart everywhere (Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Health, IoT) offers a large variety of challenges in the areas of Security, Privacy, Modelling, Programming, and Safety Verification, for large and complex systems like CPS, for sensitive e-health information systems, or for distributed IoT systems. This is where these PhDs will focus.

Any background within one or more of the above areas is sought for.

The PhD topics are part of the general announcement at Institute for Informatics: Info here.

General information

The PhD positions are related to both the initiative and the Strategic Research Initiative ConSeRNS, which is financed in part by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Oslo. You will work together in a team with national project participants, and international partners, as well as becoming part of the UiO student environment.

The work will be conducted at UiO (Oslo) in Norway. You will be part of the exciting arena for research and innovation, and have the opportunity to work in an exciting international environment with close contact to Research Institutes and Industry.

Application documents

The PhD students will follow the traditional PhD education, while there is also the possibility to take up a PhD as part of an Industrial PhD Scheme of NFR (see links further down). All PhDs require the admission to the PhD program of the University of Oslo. Salary is after the rules from the state, based on your experience.

The application (Norwegian or English) should contain

  1. CV including names and contact information of two references
  2. List of publications (if applicable)
  3. Transcript of records for both the MSc and the BSc
  4. Summary and status of your master thesis (or of PhD thesis in case of Post-doc application)
  5. A statement from you indicating your ideas and interests in one of the three topics, and an indication if any of the other two fields are relevant for you

Application submission

Please submit your application through the electronic submission system at the University of Oslo:

Submission deadline 18 April 2017. Link to submission forms will appear later.

After submission, an evaluation committee will establish a ranked list of candidates, including these criteria:

  • Scientific merits (grades and evtl. publications)
  • Research topic relevance and understanding
  • Nordic mindset

The top candidates will then be invited for an interview.

Further information

For further information or direct application through e-mail, please contact:

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Working environment

About UiO

UiO offers top class sport facilities at very low prices for employees or students, with facilities s.a. swimming basin, or many organized training classes e.g. in martial arts, dances, or even nature trailing. Employees can benefit from the popular UiO mountain and summer cabins. The department organizes recreational events for their employees, like Christmas parties, skying day, biking trips, children’s Christmas tree day, summer camps, etc. In the campus there are regular events like lunch concerts, popular scientific events, or student nights in campus pubs. In the PMA and ConSeRNS groups there is a good gender balance (the PMA group has currently more than 50% women). Our research environment is international, with people from approx. 10 countries, and the working language is English. UiO offers a good range of language courses, e.g. Norwegian for foreigners or English academic writing.

For families

There are several kindergartens around the campus (one of which is Montesouri) which give priority to PhD students, as well as to foreigners. Oslo public transportation is well spread, and the Blindern campus is close to the city centre and to the forest recreational areas of Holmenkollen. The research groups have flexible working hours, with possibility of working from home if needed.

For your economy

The department offers very competitive salary for PhD students (currently 430 500 NOK - 483 700 NOK per year, i.e., around 50 000 Euro). As a state employee you have the right for favorable house loans, and you have access to many economical advantages, like special offers to bank credit cards, travel agencies, as well as easier entry on the house renting market (as a foreigner).

Admission criteria for UiO

The purpose of the Ph.D. fellowship is research training leading to the successful completion of a PhD degree. The fellowship requires admission to the research training programme at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Firstly, the applicants must have obtained undergraduate (Cand.mag., i.e. B.Sc. level) with a level corresponding at least "C" and postgraduate (cand.scient. or, i.e. M.Sc. level) qualifications with a level corresponding at least "B". This represents approximately five years of full time studies after completion of European Upper Secondary School/International Baccalaureate. For more information see: Admission requirements for a PhD education at the University of Oslo (UiO), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Average grade calculator, to be taken without Master Thesis