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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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WP4 - Security Centre

Partners in WP4

Tasks in WP4

T4.1 IoTSec ecosystem and industrial applicability

  • Objective: This task will establish the industrial requirements, analyse the IoTSec ecosystem and ensure industrial applicability.
  • Expected results: A clearly defined scope of the project in terms of stakeholders, their interests, technological components and their functionality and interconnection (M08), A clarification of what is considered to be outside of the research and industrial applicability (M12), Industrial network enhanced by at least 4 members (M12), Established Industrial workshop and defined industrial shareholder involvement in the project (in collaboration with T0.2 - M18)
  • Subtasks: T4.1.1 IoTSec ecosystem, T4.1.2 Industrial network

T4.2 Smart Grid security centre applicability, assessment, simulation and pilots

  • Objective: This task will perform the detailed assessment of modules applicable for the Smart Grid Security Centre and the pre-industrial pilots
  • Expected results: Outline of the Smart Grid Security Center is ready including technical design of the visualization platform for security modules and operational plan of the Centre (M12), First Models or Modules are implemented into the visualization platform (M24), Smart Grid Security Centre is operational (M36)
  • Subtasks:

T4.3 Gap Analysis of security methods for critical infrastructures

  • Objective: This task will perform the Gap Analysis of security methods for critical infrastructures
  • Expected results: an analysis of IoT ecosystems similar to Smart Grids (M18), establish contacts for applicability in IoT-based critical infrastructures (M24), provide a roadmap of the operational applicability of IoTSec results (M24)
  • Subtasks:

Deliverables in WP4

 TitleDue monthLead partnerDissemination level
D4.1.1Tech. rep.: Analysis of IoTSec ecosystemM08NTNURestricted
D4.2.1Outline of security centre (pres. and outline)M12NCE SmartPublic
D4.2.2Assessment of stakeholder needs for Smart Grid Security CentreM24NCE SmartPublic
D4.3.1Pres: Roadmap towards Smart Grid Security ServicesM24NCE SmartPublic