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Headline Add picture to list of participants
Status Accepted
Issue ID 022
Issue Type Enhancement
Priority Normal
Description I would like to extend the company page (Template:Partner) with the photos of the employees. E.g. UiO, where we have a bullet list with people (resulting from an ask). Pictures of people are posted as Prename_Name.jpg, e.g. Josef_Noll.jpg

Now I'd like to see the list of people with their images

Page Link UiO, Josef Noll
Created By Josef.Noll
Date Added 2017/06/19

Response Okay, I will add this today. I'll add a property to hold the image link to the user template and then we can pull it back via a query where needed.

Do you want it to show no picture if the user does not have one, or the avatar picture?

Page Link
Responded by Neill
Response Added 2017/08/08

Response Okay. I have added this. I went with displaying the avatar if no picture is present to keep the listing display consistent.

Is there any reason on the User form why you do not have an uploadable field for people to use to upload their picture? This method would be much nicer than using the raw Mediawiki file upload which users find rather complex to use.

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2017/08/08

Response Hei Neill,

no reason for not allowing a person to add his picture. Can you fix? Thanks

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Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2017/09/04