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Welcome to the Semantic Media Wiki of the Center for Wireless Innovation Norway

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CWI activities

most of our activities are still on the


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- Autumn holidays - no lecture- Autumn holidays - no lecture
- no lecture -- no lecture -
- no lecture, Josef travelling -- no lecture, Josef travelling -
2nd Assignment Presentations H17Presentation of your assignment
2nd Assignment Presentations H17contPresentation of your assignment
API comparison: Protege, OWL and SPARQLAPI comparison: Protege, OWL, SPARQL, Jena
Antennas and their communication parameters (B2-B3)Antennas and their communication parameters
Applying SWRL, DL Query and SPARQL to your ontologyApplying SWRL, DL Query or SPARQL to your ontology
Applying protege OWL APIOverview over API for reasoner
Assignment Ideas H17Presentation of ideas for assignment
Basic Internet Feedback to Malta keynoteFeedback to Malta keynote on Basic Internet (Fxx)
Basics of Communication (A1-A3)Basics of Communication and Assignments
Basics of SemanticsBasics of Semantics
Bla blabla bla
Building ontologies for UAVBuilding ontologies for UAV
Cell and Cellular Traffic-ICells and Cellular Traffic
Cell and Cellular Traffic-IICell and Cellular Traffic-II
Combating the effect of Fading in Mobile SystemsCombating the effect of Fading in Mobile Systems
Comparison of Pellets, FaCT and HermiTComparison of Pellets, FaCT and HermiT
Context-aware ScenariosContext-aware Scenarios
Context-aware Scenarios IIIContext-aware Scenarios III
Context-aware Scenarios part IIContext-aware Scenarios
Context-aware SensorsContext-aware Sensors
Cost 231 propagation model comparisonComparison of Cost231 propagation models
Cost231 propagation modelsCost231 propagation models
Course evaluationCourse evaluation
Course information and introductionCourse information and introduction
Courses and Knowledge
Develop Semantic ApplicationDevelop Semantic Application
Easter holidayseaster holidays
Easter holidays :-)easter holidays  :-)
Environments for Mobile and Wireless Communications (C1-C3)Frequency Ranges and Propagation Models for Communications (C1-C3)
Evaluate COST 231 WI for handoverEvaluate COST 231 WI for handover
Exam 2013Exam 2013
Exam v12Exam v12
Examen UNIK4700h12Cloud presentation, Simulations and LTE handover2
Examen UNIK4700h16UNIK4700h15 examen and feedback
Fast and Hierachical MobileIP, Electroic noseFast and Hierachical MobileIP, Electronic nose
Femto or Small CellsSmall Cells and HetNet
Firewalls and IDSFirewalls and IDS
From 1G to 5G and 5G SecurityFrom 1G to 5G and 5G Security
H14-Invers Mobile OperatorDetails of scenario discussion
H14-Rehearsel and Simulation AssignmentsH14-Rehearsel_and_Simulation_Assignments
H14-Scenario for simulationsH14-Scenario for Simulations
Hand's on experience with OntologiesHand's on experience with Ontologies
Handover modelling model using COST 231 WIHandover modelling using the COST 231 WI path loss model
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Project activities

pSHIELD, pilot embedded Systems arcHItecturE for multi-Layer Dependable solutions



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