Mobile Communications - Introduction

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Mobile Communications - Introduction

Course UNIK4230
Title Mobile Communications - Introduction
Lecture date 2015/01/22
presented by Per Hjalmar Lehne
Objective This lecture provides an introduction to the topic. It will address
  • Keywords like: GSM, UMTS, LTE
  • the type of the exam
  • the vision of the course.

The lecture will also include details on the expected outcome, the deliverables and the (optional) exam

Learning outcomes Having joined this lecture, you will
  • have an impression on where to focus
  • have an impression on the topics being discussed in this course
  • get an impression on what is expected from you in terms of deliverables (presentation, papers)
Pensum (read before) You should have registered for this course :-)

Please read also how to search for literature -> Search_for_literature

References (further info) References:
Keywords GSM, UMTS, LTE, Mobile Systems, Frequency, Mobile History, Market, Market Forecast, GSM Architecture

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Test yourself, answer these questions

  • What is NMT and in which frequency bands it operated?
  • Please mention some of the network elements in GSM network and shortly describe their functions
  • What is control channel and Traffic channel?

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