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Mum-Care: Health App
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Om Mum-Care

Mum-CARE is a research project to develop and test a digital companion in form of a health app for smartphones for women who have recently undergone one or more pregnancy complications that are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in the long term. The project will start in the autumn of 2022 and is based on the National Guide to Obstetrics's' proposals for follow-up as well as the Norwegian Directorate of Health's general health recommendations.


The consortium collaborating in this project indlucdes:

Project Participants in Mum-Care

Deltager i Mum-Care prosjektet: Annetine Staff, Bendik Fiskå, Josef Noll, Meryam Sugulle, Åsa Waldum


Oslo University Hospital is a highly specialised hospital in charge of extensive regional and local hospital assignments and the provision of high quality services for the citizens of Oslo. The hospital also has a nationwide responsibility for a number of national and multi-regional assignments and has several national centres of competence.

Project members of OUS: Annetine Staff, Bendik Fiskå, Meryam Sugulle, Åsa Waldum


University of Oslo (UiO): Through knowledge, responsibility and commitment we shall contribute to a sustainable future. We have shaped society for over 200 years and are a leading European university. For the next ten years, the University will promote independent, pioneering and long-term research and offer outstanding education. UiO is represented by the Department of Technology Systems (ITS), focussing on digital transformation in companies and the society in close collaboration with the research institutes at Kjeller, industrial partners and public entities.

Project members of UiO: Josef Noll