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AHERI 2020 Conference Mar2020 +AHERI 2020 Conference. Innovations in Higher Education  +
AHERI Conference 2021 +AHERI Conference 2021  +
AHERI Conference 2022 +AHERI Conference 2022  +
AHERI Virtual CONFERENCE 2020 - 5 – 6 October 2020 Innovations in Higher Education +AHERI Virtual CONFERENCE 2020-Innovations in Higher Education  +
AHERI-BasicInternet collaboration Dec2019 +AHERI-BasicInternet Partnership_Dec2019  +
AI-001 +invite Maurice for a meeting  +
AI-001 +update MoU with Giertsen  +
AI-001 +edit the Web page with information  +
AI-001 +provide their comments to the consortium agreement  +
AI-001 +create the admin  +
AI-001 +send minutes of the kick-off meeting  +
AI-002 +to edit consortium agreement  +
AI-002 +distribute Action Item List  +
AI-002 +update Personvernregler/Privacy  +
AI-002 +comment/extend the minutes of the Cystinet/Digi meeting  +
AI-002 +sende Ifi regning tilbake til Ifi  +
AI-003 +check their entries in the respective email distribution lists  +
AI-003 +describe the process of App development  +
AI-003 +provide username/passwd for all users to owncloud and the wiki  +
AI-003 +remove UiO logo from  +
AI-003 +bestiller Tablets  +
AI-004 +send their WP contribution to the respective WP leader  +
AI-004 +to remind Margrete of a short list of industrial challenges  +
AI-004 +å etablere utgiftsrapportering i IoTSec og SCOTT  +
AI-004 +review app-design tools  +
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