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SCOTT:F2F meeting Madrid

Title F2F meeting Madrid
Place Hotel Zenit Conde Orgaz@Madrid
Date, Time 2019/10/21, 1000
Contact Person Manuela Klocker
Participants Maunyad, Josef Noll
related to Project SCOTT:SCOTT
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Meeting Venue: Hotel Zenit Conde Orgaz@Madrid Calle del Moscatelar, 24 28043 Madrid, Spa

For this F2F meeting Indra will collect a fee of € 287.66

An extra fee has to be paid for the social event: €95.49. It will take place in the evening on the 22nd October. The social event will take place in Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco, which is located in C/ de Echegaray, 15. It is divided in two parts: first we will eat a Spanish menu and afterwards enjoy a flamenco show.

For this meeting you need to register until latest 19th of September following this link: https://evento430027.typeform.com/to/dFnK1S.

We would appreciate if as many people as possible will participate.

More useful information can be found on SharePoint following this link: https://projects.avl.com/16/0094/MEETINGS/F2F_Projectwide/20191021-24_F2F_Madrid/Useful%20Information/SCOTT_F2F_Meeting_Madrid.pptx

Participants from Norway

  • Maunya
  • Josef (confirmed) Monday only


Table round
end of meeting

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