SCOTT:SCOTT Technical Board Meeting Paris2017


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SCOTT Technical Board Meeting Paris2017
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SCOTT:SCOTT Technical Board Meeting Paris2017

Title SCOTT:SCOTT Technical Board Meeting Paris2017
Place Paris, at CDG airport. see e-mail from 28 August.
Date, Time 2017/09/27, 1000-1700
Contact Person Joachim Hillebrand
Participants Josef.Noll, Joachim Hillebrand, Werner Rom, Lukasz Szczygielski (GUT), Christian Johansen
related to Project SCOTT
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Hotel Ibis Paris CDG Airport Roissypôle BP 11122, 95701 (exit Terminal 3)


Overview over the project

  • what industry needs is an overview presentation: "From an Internet Company to an IoT Company: What are the security challenges and how you can handle them"
  • overall vision/visibility of the project (from 16 independent sub-projects to coordinated impact on the European scale)
  • "main vision for use cases"
Relation between Building Blocks and Functionalities

Implementation of building blocks in WPs - who takes responsibility?

  • E.g. WP8 has 9 building blocks, and not even the lead partner is part of WP8,
  • WP11 - 27+ Building Blocks involved
  • We should have a future oriented description, and perhaps architecture, showing the need of the envisaged building blocks. If not, kick them out


  • 600 requirements, for what? - what is the message we are giving out?
  • should be converted towards a hierarchical structure, e.g. high-level, detailed requirements
  • then low-level requirements for implementation
  • Building block requirements vs use case requirements (not consistently defined)

Solution(? - agreement needed)

  • Use case owner creates a drawing, identifying
  • the core demonstrational outcome, with included Building Blocks
  • the Building Blocks which are seen as additional value, but not implemented "yet"
  • Building Blocks which are obsolete for the specific use case

The project main objectives (the approach)

  • SCOTT project objective 1: Achievement of BB23.A
  • SCOTT project objective 2: Achievement of BB23.B ·...
  • SCOTT project objective 47: Achievement of BB26.J


  • Presentation: Privacy Labelling, Security Metrics, Roadmap towards a more secure and privacy-aware society (30 min)

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Privacy Labelling, Security Metrics and RoadmapJosef NollClick to OpenSCOTT

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