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: end of meeting
: end of the meeting

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Title SESA:WP4-Oct2021
Place Zoom.us
Date, Time 2021/10/22, 1300-1430
Contact Person Wessam9555
Participants Wessam9555, Josef Noll, Jonathan Muringani, Abdellah Abarkan, Judith Oginga Martins
related to Project SESA
Keywords InfoSpots
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Quick introduction round (5-10 mins)
Review of WP4 as finally adopted in the grant agreement (10 mins)
Workplan and Timelines (10 mins)
Q&A (10 mins)
Presentations by task leaders, distribution of labour among teams and identification of focal points (30 mins)
Basic Internet presentation https://prezi.com/view/t7KVdpxEVXxh0mD6ZorP/
Q&A (20 mins)
AOB (20 mins)
Next meeting and closing remarks (10 mins)

WP4-Deliverable and Milestones



end of the meeting