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Participants from TSBc:

all Telenor partners

Participants from TSBc:

users involved

People involved from Telenor:


 {{#ask: [[Partner::+]] }} provides all users working for a partner 

A. Donat Tebkabe Alomo, Abdellah Abarkan, Abul Kaosher, Achim Berger, Adam Szekeres, Adam.szekeres, Addisalem Genta Gemiya, Adrian Zwegers, Agneta Yngve, Aimé Maxime Itamba, Albert Richard, Alena Bartonova, Alex Macdonald, Alex Vincent, Alexander Kristensen, Alexander Stocker, Alfio.Pappalardo, Alfred Baddoo, Ali Khalighi, Ali Zaher, Alina Lapina, Anand Prasad, Anders Aune, Anders Føyen, Anders Gaustad, Anders Hansson, Andrea Fabio Cattoni, Andrea Fiaschetti, Andrea Winkler, Andrea.Morgagni, Andrea.Taglialatela, Andreas Prinz, Andreas Springer, Andreas Thuen, Andrej Grebenc, Andrej Viotti, Andrew Douglass, Andy Free, Ane Solesvik Oppedal, Anette Gangnæs, Anette Kristoffersen, Anette Løken, Anette Staaland, Ange Angeli, Animut D. Tsegaye, Anita Orlund, Anja Alicia De Anton Bjerke, Anna Lerner, Anna Skiaker Aschjem, Anna Tesha ... further results

 {{#ask: [[-Partner::+]] }} provides all Companies being mentioned 

A-hus, AAU, ABB, AD Gruppen, AF Gruppen, AFConsult, AGCO, AHERI, AHERI/CISS, AIRE, AIT, APC, AS, ASTS, ATHENA, ATSEC, AVINC, AVL, Aalborg University, Accenture, Acciona, Addis Ababa University, Adra, Africa University, African Child, AIW, African Union, Agder Energi, Aion Sigma, AirJaldi, Akershus Energi, Akershus Teknologifond, Akershus Universitetssykehus, Alfatroll, Alphasense, Ambo University, Amotel, Ardoq, Arizona State University, Ashoka, BDO, BKK, BMBF, BOACSE, BSI, Basic Internet, Basic Internet Foundation, Belgrade University Computer Center, Betafactory, Biarga ... further results

 {{#ask: [[-Project::+]] [[User::+]] }} provides all project pages with Users being involved 

UNIK users in SATTerje Tjelta

Telenor users in SATTerje Tjelta

The following links uses specific entries for Terje and Josef to ask Terje Tjelta

Terje Tjelta



 {{#ask: [[-developer of.lives in::Turkey]] }} 
provides MinMat

-developer of means Seraj is developer of MinMat (that means MinMat is developed by Serhat and Eray .lives in::Turkey would be an accepted query.

Which project was developed by developers living in Turkey? MinMat

Now: Project has users (Project members) - no query