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Keywords: Community Networks

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Members from TzCNA

Avatar.jpg Matogoro Jabhera
Assistant Lecturer in College of Informatics and Virtual Education at the University of Dodoma, Head of Tanzania Community Network Association
m: +255784423615

Equipment used by tzCNA

Equipment shipped in Aug2020(?)

Equipment at TzCNA
 Equipment classEquipment typeModelIdentifierPlace
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 25AntennasMikrotik LTER11E-LTE 25 RBSXTR&R11E-LTEE01: C4:AD:34:2F:D7:CCTzCommunity-1@Tanzania
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 26AntennasMikrotik LTER11E-LTE 26 RBSXTR&R11E-LTEE01: C4:AD:34:2F:D6:54TzCommunity-2@Tanzania
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 27AntennasMikrotik LTEMikrotik R11E-LTE 27 RBSXTR&R11E-LTEE01: C4:AD:34:2F:D9:F6Kasulu Radio
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 28AntennasMikrotik LTEMikrotik R11E-LTE 28 RBSXTR&R11E-LTEE01: C4:AD:34:2B:10:28TzCommunity-4@Tanzania
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 29AntennasMikrotik LTEMikrotik R11E-LTE 29 RBSXTR&R11E-LTEE01: C4:AD:34:2F:BF:D9TzCommunity-5@Tanzania
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 32RouterMikrotik Router RBD52G-32RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TCE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:EF - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:F4TzCommunity-1@Tanzania
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 33RouterMikrotik RouterRBD52G-33 RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TCE01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:27 - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:2CTzCommunity-2@Tanzania
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 34RouterMikrotik RouterRBD52G-34 RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TCE01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:3C - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:41Kasulu Radio
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 35RouterMikrotik RouterRBD52G-35 RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TCE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:DA - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:DFTzCommunity-4@Tanzania
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 36RouterMikrotik RouterRBD52G-36 RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TCE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:F6 - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:FBTzCommunity-5@Tanzania