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Semantic MediaWiki for UNIKUM
Date 2014/10/09 1215-1300
Place UNIK, Room 408
By Josef Noll
Keywords Semantic MediaWiki

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These are the main objective:

  • Show the Semantic MediaWiki usage as cooperative tool.
  • Understanding of what is a wiki, how is used, how it works.
  • Basic syntax of MediaWiki.
  • What does the Semantic layer add to the MediaWiki in terms of functionality.

Further info:

Antall Deltakere

Attender type Antall deltakere
Number of Master Students 6
Number of PhD Students 1
Number of Postdocs 1
Total 8



The Semantic MediaWiki as a cooperative Tool

Semantic MediaWiki
Collaborative Working
Josef Noll
Semantic MediaWiki for UNIKUM
UNIKUM kolloq

⌘ Outline

  • Structured versus unstructured data
  • Mediawiki
    • Wikpedia: Categories
    • Semantic Mediawiki: Forms, relations
  • Semantic
    • why, what
    • Topic Maps versus Semantics
  • Goal of collaborative working
    • paper in bookshelf , word and powerpoint
    • just the information you want
    • online for "day-to-day" work
  • UNIK as an information hub
    • for students, for the general public, for researchers
  • Challenges
  • Summary

⌘ Structured versus unstructured data

notes on a whiteboard
  • typical example of unstructured data
  • only position provides you a structure

⌘ MediaWiki and Wikipedia

All context is online available
  • Links included to jump between topics
    • Reasonably easy to write a page with hyperlinks
  • Online collaboration (everybody)
  • Structure through Categories
  • static pages
  • sorting only through Categories


⌘ Semantic MediaWiki



⌘ Semantic MediaWiki

  • Build as an extension to MediaWiki
    • same syntax, writing…
    • Links included to jump between topics
    • Online collaboration (everybody)
  • Query (search) and dynamic pages
  • Hierachy
Context representation.png

⌘ Basics of Semantics

  • Hierachy
    • Classes
    • relations
  • Tripple store
    • UNIK - has - Education
    • Education - consists of - Courses
    • Courses - are composed by - Lectures
and how it will end: Ordering of a Pizza in the future: 

Further reading: Basics_of_Semantics as part of UNIK4710

⌘ Goal of collaborative working

  • paper in bookshelf
  • word and powerpoint
  • just the information you want
  • online for "day-to-day" work

The six biggest Web Sites are all user generated: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Baidu, Wikipedia

also: Communities in education, e.g. UNIK4710MobileSemantics

Community 4710Banner.png

⌘ UNIK as information hub

  • for students
  • for the general public
  • for researchers
Specific information on

Overview UNIK info.png

⌘ Demo - Functionality

  • and many more: Widgets,…

⌘ Challenges - Advances

  • dynamic pages, created by «ask»
  • always updated
  • working tool
  • relations between topics
  • presentation and notes combined
  • Math:
  • Think structured
  • Wiki language
  • first version takes longer times
  • redraw pictures
  • Presentations never look excellent (math, figures)

⌘ Summary

  • The world is moving towards «user generated content»
  • Structure through
    • search (internal semantics)
    • Semantics (hierachies, Tripples)
    • hubs for networking
    • online working modus
    • sharing, cooperation
  • needs an initial effort
    • structured thinking
    • wiki «language»