201609-Challenges in radio communications for smart grids

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201609-Challenges in radio communications for smart grids

Title 201609-Challenges in radio communications for smart grids
Place UiO
Date, Time 2016/09/09, 1000-1200
Contact Person Manish Shrestha
Participants Christian Johansen, Davide Roverso, Josef Noll, Manish Shrestha
related to Project IoTSec, DSO Security
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IoTSec work meeting


1. step

  • infrastructure analysis in Halden/Fredrikstad/Valer, e.g. transformators, switches, .. (DSO power network elements)
  • analysis of information flow, from distributed elements into
    • a) the SCADA control room
    • b) the cloud

2. step

  • assessment of parameters for security (e.g. timing, capacity, duty cycle,...)
  • threats to communications

other discussions

Use case: moving security to the cloud

  • home automation managed to the cloud
  • access in the home for devices
  • Moving the grid control to the cloud… (moving the scada system to the cloud)


Potential advances for cloud operation of security

  • costs

Starting point - Security of SCADA systems

Security assessment of cloud - distributed

Demand/Respons - high-frequency from other power grid elements

Communicaton challenges


  • upcoming/new standards for IoT networks, e.g. SigFOX
  • communication often results in reliablity and DoS-like security aspects

existing 400 and 800 MHz communications, as used in current smart meters

  • restriction in capacity - check capacity of 800 and 400 MHz ISM bands
  • restriction in duty cycle, e.g. 1,5% duty cycle
  • coverage versus capacity (in a 300m circle, how many elements, e.g. smart meters)