2nd Assignment Presentations H17

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2nd Assignment Presentations H17

Course UNIK4700, UNIK9700
Title Presentation of your assignment
Lecture date 2017/11/28 1300-1600
presented by Maghsoud Morshedi, N.n
Objective Present your assignments, 20 min each+10min discussion
Learning outcomes
Pensum (read before)
References (further info)

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2nd Topic presentation 2017

Topics (20 min presentation + 10 min questions/open issues)

  • 28Nov2017: M2M wireless communications - Stephen S. Kimogol
  • 28Nov2017: Enhance coverage in cellular networks - Magnus M. Madsen
  • 28Nov2017: - review of topics for exam


  • 5Dec2017: Mobile wireless indoor propagation - Aimé Maxime Itamba
  • 5Dec2017: High frequency communications for indoor - Hani A. S. Mohammed
  • 5Dec2017: Wifi 802.11 ah, "Hallo" - Ashish Rauniyar
  • 5Dec2017: ddos detection based on the SDN (or) find policy breaches on SDN - Ramtin Aryan
  • 5Dec2017: Mobile Network Bottlenecks - Georgios Patounas

  • other presentations? - please add


Presentation by Zyyad File:201611 UNIK4700 Wifi interference.pptx

Presentation by Shehzad File:201611 UNIK4700 Managed wifi.pptx