Applying protege OWL API


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Applying protege OWL API

Course UNIK4710, UNIK9710
Title Overview over API for reasoner
Lecture date 2013/04/19 09:15
presented by Josef.Noll
Objective Protege API vs JENA API vs OWL API
Learning outcomes
Pensum (read before) Install the example from Frederick (and/or) from Dave:
  • run your rules from a programme using the values of an ontology
References (further info) Course information from earlier courses:
Keywords OWL API, Protege API, Jena API, SQWRL, OWL 1, OWL 2

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Test yourself, answer these questions

  • Differences between OWL API, JENA API and Protege API
  • How can I use Pellet with OWL-API?
  • How can I run SPARQL queries with OWL API?

Lecture notes

Lecture notes 2013

Lecture notes 2012


Presentations 2012

The following topics are addressed in the lecture Pellets-based_reasoning


  • what to read (main sites, publications)
  • recommendation: advantages/disadvantages
  • links to code examples

Example from Dave

Presentations 2013